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For documents to be used abroad, be they for the purchase or sale of land, power of attorneys, bank and pensions documentation, company/commercial documentation, authenticated documents to support emigration for foreign adoption matters, you will be required to obtain the services of a Notary Public.

A Notary Public is an officer of the law, whose duty and role is to prepare, attest, authenticate and certify deeds and other documents for use anywhere in the world. A Notary Public’s signature and seal validates a document for worldwide use as it is proof to the receiving jurisdiction, of the fact that the document was attested by the Notary Public. Notarial work requires a high standard of care as it is relied upon not only by you, but also by third parties, foreign governments and officials. As Notaries we have a responsibility to protect against error, omission, alterations, fraud, and forgery. Although there are only a small number of Notary Publics (or Public Notaries, as some call them) in London and Essex, you will find that using Pinder Reaux as a Notary Public in Central London or a Notary Public in Essex makes a lot of sense. You will have your notarial work carried out in a business and commercial environment and by people who understand the urgency of things and the value of time, which means that we completely understand that you want whatever needs to be done, to be done properly and with the greatest possible speed. As is always the case with Pinder Reaux Solicitors and Notary Public, we aim to be as practical and as helpful as we possibly can which means that once you have visited us for your notarial work, whatever it might be, you are likely to feel that you have found yourself a lawyer for life. You can find our price guide for our Notary Public Fees here. The guide to our Notary Public Fees will normally apply to most matters but sometimes we can see from the outset that a notarial matter falls outside the guide because it requires much more time than usual to be devoted to it and in such case we will discuss our fees with you before we get the job done. In the meantime, we do suggest that you book your appointment with a Notary Public now, because at times you will find it difficult to get an appointment which means that you could end up being asked by some to pay extortionate fees to get your notarial work done ahead of the queue. Book your appointment with a Notary Public now. We will instantly book you an appointment with a Notary Public when you call us on 0208 252 7373. For more information please visit the Rupinder Bains Notary Public website.

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