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We at Pinder Reaux are pleased to bring our clients a specialist team of Sports Lawyers, and Registered Lawyers under the FA Football Agents Regulations, ready and able to offer legal solutions to sports related issues, specialising particularly in football.

As in our media and internet law departments, the issues arising in Sports Law are naturally complex and ever changing. Any industry where a person uses their body to create their wealth, needs specialist lawyers to protect them, and be able deal with matters ranging from training compensation, the valuation of players by means of tribunal proceedings, disciplinary issues, transfer disputes and third party rights owners to name but a few. Our team of sports lawyers provide advice at every level of the sporting pyramid, from amateurs, semi – professionals and full professionals. We are one of a few firms who can also act from the point of view of the organisation employing the sportsmen, as our clients include chairmen and owners of football clubs all the way from the Conference, through the nPower Champions to the Premiership. Our team of Registered Lawyers are able to negotiate transfer fees and contracts for sportsman and back this up with the legal knowledge and experience needed to ensure that the sportsmen is fully protected, from all angles. See our blog which covers recent occurrences in the football world and illustrates why legal protection is so important when potential disciplinary concerns and breach of contract issues are considered. Call US NOW on 0208 252 7373 to discuss your needs with one of our sports lawyers, or registered lawyers under the FA football agents regulations, who will be able to assist you.

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