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Many traditional law firms tackle divorce matters in the traditional way: follow the legal procedures, adhering to a voluntary or court appointed timetable and engaging in routine correspondence.

However, just proceeding in this way does not guarantee success and has you simply simmering on your back heels. To be ahead means to take control and in divorce matters, including separation, financial settlements and children issues, it is so important to remain focussed, in control and in possession of a clear strategy. At Pinder Reaux, we help you stay one step ahead during this emotionally difficult time. We apply out of the box thinking and a tailor made strategy to your divorce matter. If you already have solicitors acting for you, this does not mean that you are not entitled to have a second opinion or to compare or add a strategy that may not have been offered to you already, by your current lawyer. In fact, if you feel that the outcome of your divorce is going to be instrumental to the way you continue to live your life, both in terms of finances and well-being, it will definitely be worth your while to book your money back guaranteed consultation, because we admit that we do not fall into the category of the so called ‘conventional lawyers’. This means that we are likely to approach your divorce from a slightly different angle and so, even a small bit of advice, perhaps a single thought or an idea which we discuss with you, might turn out to be the most significant legal contribution you have had so far. We appreciate that our robust approach might not be for everybody’s taste. However if you are the type of person who prefers control over lack of control, a clear strategy over a messy jungle, certainty over uncertainty and gain over waste, then you should call us now on 0208 252 7373. If you are at the stage of contemplating a divorce, you will find our advice practical and sensible to the extent that you will be able to develop a strategic vision on how to go about achieving your desired outcome. If your divorce is already under way, whether or not solicitors have been involved yet, and you feel that the whole process is missing an important ingredient such as strategic planning, then you will certainly benefit from speaking to us and letting us share with you our un-biased advice. Take advantage of our unique offer of a RISK FREE, money back guaranteed initial consultation and discover how a strategic divorce can save you stress, time and money. We guarantee you value. It’s that simple.



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