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You would expect your GP to lead a healthy life, wouldn’t you? And what about your dentist? Would you be put off by one with bad teeth? Would you spend a penny with a website designer whose website was boring and dull? Why is it then that as a business man or woman you shy away from expecting your legal and business advisers to adopt entrepreneurial values?

Pinder Reaux is a true entrepreneurial company. We practice what we preach. In fact, in the past couple of years we increased business by a staggering 500% by simply paying more attention to our clients and their needs. We view ‘dry legal advice’ as a basic product which could be purchased on every high street corner and provided by every run of the mill solicitor. For dry legal advice click here. What you get from Pinder Reaux is personalised, practical, business focused, forward thinking, straight forward, no holds barred, totally honest, strategically formed legal advice. It is not surprising therefore that the most common denominator for our clients is that they are certainly not looking for another ‘pen pusher’ to deal with their affairs. Our valued clients are busy people who appreciate the benefits of having regular access to business minded lawyers whenever they need it. We are certainly not ‘transactionally’ focused but rather, we always take a long term view of our relationship with our clients. Over the years, we have developed strong, personal relationships with our clients and we do all we can to help them progress their businesses. Many of our clients have formed a network of invaluable contacts which you could be part of. A network of business people who are very successful in what they do (property, retail, commerce, insurance, sports, media) and other disciplines) and have the benefit of sharing a wealth of business experience between them. Our clients know that we are always thinking about them all of the time. They know this because we are constantly linking our clients with one another and putting a lot of business their way. They also know that we continue to help them to make objective assessments about their business needs and that we actively advise them on marketing strategies and business development. Our clients also find it exceptionally helpful and reassuring to know that we are practicing what we preach and that many of our strategies and techniques, which have been developed by our own team of specialist lawyers, have resulted in up to a 500% increase in business, which is precisely what we have experienced in the past few years. If you are serious about business and want more from your legal advisors than ‘dry legal advice’, you are losing out by not getting in touch. You are missing out on a wealth of talent, experience, and business knowledge which we have gained over the years, both by our own decisions, and also from learning from our many entrepreneurial clients. To contact us please call on 0208 252 7373, contact us by email or ask us to call you back at the best time for you.

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