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Sporting Personnel

As a sports professional, you express yourself by feeling relaxed and without worry on the pitch, course or track. The main job of your representative is to take the background worries from you, block out all the background noise, and allow you to showcase your talent. It is your representative’s job to help further your career, to ensure your careers longevity and sustainability and to protect you.

As lawyers first and foremost we are trusted to help shape the lives of our clients through the most prosperous and sometimes the most trying of times. Our sports representation agency is an integral part of our law firm, it sits within our sports law division and thereby ensures that any sportsperson represented by Pinder Reaux not only has a direct representative lawyer taking care of their interest, but also has the might and strength of a specialist law firm behind them. As a Pinder Reaux client you are getting a specialist lawyer and an ‘agent’ rolled into one.

We are specialists in providing advice and assistance in the following areas for sports professionals:

Contractual negotiations, including new contracts, contractual options, and renewals of contracts.
Review of a sporting professionals contract in order to provide clarity and understanding to more difficult clauses.
Sporting issues, including investigations, disciplinary and internal club governance concerns.
Review of player agent representation contracts, including dealing with disputes between players and agents.
Employment law, including the FIFA Code of Conduct pertaining to the treatment of players by Football Clubs.
The protection and safeguarding of commercial image rights, including the negotiation and review of endorsement, and sponsorship contracts.
Entrepreneurial advice, including how to maximise a sports person’s brand name and image throughout their career.
Crisis management including the protection of a player’s reputation, and a player’s privacy by means of injunctive proceedings to stop online/paper publication of sensitive material.

As regular contributors to sporting debates, such as on Twentyfour7 Football Magazine, we are at the cutting edge of sporting issues, thereby placing us in the best position to always find a solution to our client’s concerns. The above are just a few of the matters which we handle for our sporting clients, but ultimately we pride ourselves on being able to handle and solve ANY situation our client’s need assistance with.

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