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Pinder Reaux are Sports Law specialists, representing all manner of professional and amateur sporting clubs across the UK and abroad, with particular emphasis placed on English football.

Sports is fast paced and often a ‘law’ unto itself with regular ‘text book law’ often not applying to internal disputes in sports club, or to the feeling a player gets when he is not being played by the manager. These types of disputes are specific and require a specific type of lawyer to deal with and solve them for the benefit of their clients. Many lawyers cannot do this, as they cannot foresee what the specific nuances of the sporting field may bring and our experience has shown us that being represented by lawyers without this specific expertise and knowledge, clubs have been let down time and time again-often with costly consequences. Pinder Reaux is there to stop that from happening, thereby taking the administrative and legal worries off your shoulders and allowing you to excel in the running of your sports club and assisting you to push them to the top of their competition pyramid.

Our wealth of contacts also allows us to bring assistance to a club, including the provision of capital and investment if necessary, and increasing the club’s spectrum of sponsorship and endorsement partners.

The services we offer sporting clubs include:

  1. Corporate governance issues including the constitution of the club at senior and operations level.
  2. Issues surrounding social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to ensuring compliance with the relevant Football Association Rules.
  3. Creation of internal club guidelines, such as player, club and employee handbooks.
  4. Contractual negotiations, including contract reviews for incoming and outgoing senior staff, playing and coaching staff.
  5. Crisis management, such as the need for defamation, privacy and sports related injunctions.
  6. Brand protection, including intellectual property advice.
  7. Sporting disputes at all levels, including proceedings before FA Disciplinary Panel and in the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  8. The raising of capital and investment and review of current sponsorship, licensing and endorsement agreements.
  9. Employment law disputes, including investigations, disciplinary issues and settlement agreements.
  10. Assistance with regards to the sale/purchase of a club, in particular financial, corporate and sporting due diligence.

The above are just a few of the matters which we handle for our sporting clients, but ultimately we pride ourselves on being able to handle and solve ANY situation our sporting clients need assistance with. This is simply put, the Pinder Reaux Way.

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