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Cohabitation verses marriage – do you know what the big deal is?

Well after reading this article you should be more aware of your situation in the eyes of the law and what it really means not to be married.

'Fraud, scam, liar'

The internet is undoubtedly the main forum for posting reviews.  Trip Advisor, Yelp, Money Saving Expert and not to mention the many blogs set up specifically targeting a company or service provider – the list is endless and the truth is, that in this digital era, there simply is no escape from material being posted online about you, whether good or bad.

"Hello to the new YOU"

January is the month where we make New Year's resolutions, making promises to ourselves about how we will improve ourselves from the year or years before, but what resolutions will you be making this year?

Many of us experience the extra pressure Christmas can place on a relationship with the inevitable financial outlay and for some, arguments at Christmas have become the breaking point fo

The Most Expensive Divorce Settlement In History

The sudden departure of Radamel Falcao to Manchester United last Monday and James Rodriguez to Real Madrid has been the attraction of much speculation within the media this week.

There appears to be something fundamental in the Malky Mackay Text Message Scandal that everyone seems to have missed - including the LMA apparently. The messages in question are private messages taken from Malky Mackay’s personal phones - how did they get from his phones into the hands of Cardiff City FC?  The same question would apply to Iain Moody. This is a critical and fundamental question that seems to be the elephant in the room that everyone has ignored.

 Are you prepared for the spouse who is just on the take?

Most individuals going through a divorce, will have heard this threat in one way or another from the lesser earning spouse.  The truth is, there is every possibility that this can turn in to reality.  You could end up working all the hours to support your ex-spouse and kids, only to live a frugal life yourself.


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