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Should children be involved in their divorcing parents’ mediation?

Is there such a thing as a ‘Blame-free divorce’?

Court has power to order sterilisation

Wife is granted a financial settlement from a man she divorced 23 years ago!

Potentially ground breaking recent divorce case shows the importance of parties achieving a settlement of their finances upon divorce.   

Q. When is an online product review, not an online product review? 

A. When it is paid for.

DNA testing within divorce proceedings 

Recent Ruling upholds divorce court order providing that husband gives his ex-wife 40% of his shares on divorce. 

In the recent case of B v B, a husband lost his appeal and is forced to transfer 40% of his shares to his ex-wife, in accordance with the terms of the divorce settlement.  

No more wife for life

Earlier this week, a ruling in the Family Courts signalled a long awaited change in the approach to wives who have previously believed that they should be maintained for life!

Do you know how the new reforms to pensions on divorce will affect you? 

The family lawyers at Pinder Reaux, appreciate that the process of ending a marriage and dividing assets is likely to be a difficult time for both parties, even when a couple settle the division of their matrimonial finances on amicable terms.

The Big Shake-Up With Child Maintenance 

From March this year, a non-resident parent who fails to contribute to their child’s maintenance payments could see their credit ratings decline!


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