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'The internet never forgets' is a common saying in the 21st century, and it's easy to see why. Search engines have become so good at trawling the internet to find the most relevant content that they can easily drag up results from years ago. Some of these results may contain old or irrelevant information, or they may even contain questionable information about you.

As borne out by some extremely damning statistics, domestic abuse remains one of the most pressing issues in today's world. According to charity Living Without Abuse, domestic abuse will affect one in four women and one in six men in their lifetime, while on average, two women are also murdered a week, and 30 men a year, as a result of domestic violence.

UK Supreme Court upholds Super Injunctions despite being unable to stop social media freely spreading the name of the person involved.

Is the 5p charge worth it?

It’s been four months since the introduction of the 5 pence charge for a carrier bag, which has become somewhat tolerable after media frenzy on the issue. The law was introduced by the government on October 5, in order to reduce the use of carrier bags and help protect the environment. 


Fantastic High Court Ruling To Protect Against Potential Acts of Revenge Porn…Whilst Still Maintaining Anonymity


On Saturday, following an emergency hearing at the High Court in London, a successful actor was granted a ban on nude pictures and sexual activity involving him from appearing on social media and in magazines.

The Return of the Super-Injunction?

A recent judgment handed down by Mrs Justice Elisabeth Laing recently in the case of A1, A2 and X has begged the question – are super-injunctions going to be making a return?

Most people know about the notoriety of super-injunctions, which largely came to public prominence in 2011 following the Imogen Thomas and Ryan Giggs matter.

Q. When is an online product review, not an online product review? 

A. When it is paid for.

Cyberbullying and revenge porn

There’s Always Someone Watching….

David Cameron has today revealed his intention to ban communication services like Snapchat, WhatsApp and iMessage if they continue to be encrypted from the security services.

'Fraud, scam, liar'

The internet is undoubtedly the main forum for posting reviews.  Trip Advisor, Yelp, Money Saving Expert and not to mention the many blogs set up specifically targeting a company or service provider – the list is endless and the truth is, that in this digital era, there simply is no escape from material being posted online about you, whether good or bad.


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