How to ease the emotional strain of your financial divorce settlement

It’s a sad and unfortunate truth that marriages in the UK end in divorce. The office for national statistics report that from data on marriages that occurred in 1998, almost a third of them had ended before the 15th anniversary, indicating the fact that divorce is a reality that many of us must face. Of course, a divorce can happen for many different reasons and there are always situational factors that can’t always be accounted for, but the vast majority who go through a divorce will find it to be one of the most stressful and emotionally draining times in their entire lives. Even dealing with day to day life on top of a divorce is a very trying experience so we have compiled this simple list of tips to ease the burden even ever so slightly.

Mind on the present

It’s very difficult not to look at the past during a divorce but taking each day and ‘savouring the now’ instead of dwelling on what was and any regret is the healthiest way to deal with divorce. Any time you feel yourself being drawn into the past and all the misgivings that go with it, centre yourself instead on the present. By planning your divorce carefully and knowing exactly what to expect at each stage of the process will ensure you avoid emotional strife. Engaging in activities such as art, sport, or music to distract your mind can be good strategies for avoiding that emotional strain.

Have a clearly outlined strategy

Many experts on financial divorce settlements in the UK advise that treating your divorce like a business engagement by detailing any objectives or outcomes you may have and clearly outlining your approach is an excellent way to achieve two things: it will grant a timescale that you can refer to in order to know what stage the divorce is at and what actions should be taken next, and secondly to put a distancing disconnect between yourself and any potential emotional distress.

Take control of your financial settlement on divorce UK

By mindfully planning each stage that you need to complete and each objective that you want to achieve during the divorce procedure, you will feel a degree of control that can significantly alleviate some of the inevitable stress involved with the divorce. Goals differ from divorce to divorce but whether yours are financial, commercial, or personal, having goals clearly outlined is key to a successful divorce.

Settling all the financial aspects of a divorce is complicated and requires patience, willpower, and understanding. Allowing emotion to cloud judgement in a divorce is an unfortunately common error that can negatively affect the lives not only of divorcees but their relatives and children, too. Approaching a divorce with clarity of mind, well detailed objectives and a healthy distance between emotional and financial investments is the best way to ensure a divorce goes ahead with the highest chance of success.