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The longer you leave it, the more challenging it becomes to fix the problem and the higher the costs (financial and otherwise), you and your business with have to pay, not to mention the stress and the financial damage that negative internet reputation causes.

Deal with the matter swiftly and quickly. You have to be decisive because you will be punished for every day of procrastination. The worst thing you can do is bury your head in the sand, hoping it will go away on its own.


We can offer you a three step strategy to solve negative online reputation issues right now:

Listen to the Head of our Internet Defamation department speak with Leeds Radio regarding Internet Defamation. Click here: John Spyrou Radio Leeds

  1. Identify the First Signs of an Online Reputation Attack.

    Identify quickly an online reputation attack. You have to nip it in the bud and act swiftly towards every risk to your online reputation and by ‘swiftly’ we mean within minutes and hours, from the moment you discover the offending material on the internet. The quicker the diagnosis, the quicker we can provide you with the solution.

  2. Stop it.

    This time, we are talking about a disease which is spreading. This matter now needs to be dealt with by implementing a clear legal strategy to eliminate the problem. The aim is to save the patient (your business), with as little damage as possible to the essential organs (your business reputation) and to facilitate rehabilitation which means making sure that the disease does not recur.

    The clear legal strategy that we use to help you make internet defamation and reputation problems disappear, is always focused on the end result. We first help you swap positions from being a reactive victim of internet defamation to being a proactive defender of your reputation.

    Impulse reactions or lack of experience whilst reacting to internet defamation issues are likely to cause more harm than good, with the possibility of matters snowballing fast.

    At the same time, ignoring defamatory remarks on the internet could also cause damage because inaction could easily send the wrong message that you and your business are fair targets. Inaction can also effectively invalidate any future claims for defamation that you might want to bring because the Court can conclude that your delayed action might have been a result of either, you not caring enough about the defamation, or in effect you agreeing with the defamation by not taking early enough action to prevent its global online publication.

    Because every business is different, we at Pinder Reaux analyse and consider each instance of internet defamation in the context of the type of business being attacked, its nature and the likelihood of further and repeated attacks.

    It is too easy to take the wrong step unless you already have a vast amount of experience in this relatively new area of law. So please do not take the wrong turn, come to us, and let us sort it out, we have the experience, tools and knowledge to do this.

  3. Commencing Proceedings

    Most matters that we deal with are resolved at the stage 2, but in the event that this is not the case, you still have the option of enlisting the assistance of the High Court.

    In many instances, the mere drafting of Court applications and statements and serving them on the other side, is enough to show how serious you are taking this matter, is enough to sort your problem out, without the need for prolonged legal proceedings. But if despite reaching this stage, a full blown out Court battle is required, then we have no issues with fighting this battle, In fact, our experience and results attained at Court have been ground breaking (insert hyperlink to NB articles).Latest legal decisions worldwide tend to side with the business whose reputation has been damaged, not the offender who seeks to rely on freedom of speech (which is not a defence in defamation). The costs which are involved in such proceedings can be quite high and will depend on the nature of the proceedings, the nature of the remedy which you seek (removal, injunction, damages), and the identity and location of the defendant.

In summary – the worst possible thing that can be done here is that you bury your head in the sand and think it will blow over. IT WON’T!!! However, we at Pinder Reaux, as internet law specialists can help:

  1. We have direct links with the corporations upon which most online defamation takes place, namely Facebook, Blogger, Blogspot, Twitter, Qype, Money Saving Expert, Trip Adviser etc. This in turn means that we can quickly report and action the immediate removal of defamatory content and the blocking of the offenders, thereby by preventing them from getting at you, or your business again.
  2. We have direct links and contacts within Google and therefore we can help prevent the publishing of online offensive links via the Google search engine to global users in individual jurisdictions.
  3. We have a streamlined and expeditious process for the applying and obtaining of interim injunctions and disclosure orders/Norwich Pharmacal Orders from the High Court in London.
  4. We are one of the few firms that are specialists in this area of law, and as a client you can rest assured that you will be getting the most immediate and undivided attention from us. To combat online defamation you need to move quickly. Procrastinating with a lawyer that is unsure of the law, and what strategy to adopt, can cost you substantial amounts, not just in tangible losses but intangible losses in respect of stress.

We, at Pinder Reaux have spent years harnessing our trade, and honing our skills and relationships with these big corporations who effectively control what we can and cannot do on the internet, and what we see and don’t see on the internet, something that I do not think any other law firm in our niche area of law can claim to have. By means of these relationships and our expertise, we have been at the forefront of this ever changing area of law.

We offer you YOUR best possible OPPORTUNITY to get rid of defamatory and damaging material from the internet.

At whatever stage you find yourself in, you get from us initial, straight forward advice in person or over the telephone. This advice is absolutely affordable. We charge a fixed fee for an initial consultation which is £313 (inclusive of VAT) which lasts for approximately 60-75 minutes. The purpose of the consultation is to help you make an assessment of the issues and to give you a variety of options to consider and implement.

Our goal is to help you solve the threat to your reputation as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible costs to you. Our unique Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee Offer applies to all our consultations, which means that we guarantee that your initial consultation with us will be of value to you, whatever advice we give.

So whether you want us to help you develop a solid and healthy online reputation management strategy, or whether you have an urgent internet law matter which requires our involvement in delivering a speedy solution, take action NOW because every hour that passes, and every day that goes by without positive action on your part, will result in unnecessary stress to you and in you having to spend higher legal costs to repair the damage.

Call US NOW on 0208 252 7373 or if you feel that you need some time to organise your thoughts before you speak to us, ask us to call you back at the most convenient time for you and we will take it from there.

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