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What is the number one commodity owned by a company? The answer is its REPUTATION.


How is REPUTATION marketed in this day and age?


The most common medium employed is the internet

Online reputation travels fast, and because so many members of the public believe (wrongly) that they can hide behind a made up name, in an online forum to post comments, without being held accountable for the consequences of such comments, you can see how your business reputation could be completely tarnished almost overnight.

You as the leader/owner/chief executive of your company could be left sitting in your office scratching your head and wondering how your company’s good name has become so tarnished with such negative comments. This in turn would lead you to worry about how this would affect your profits, your market share and most importantly the manner in which you are viewed by your existing customers and potential future customers.


We rely on the internet

Almost every business relies on the internet to acquire new customers and there is no doubt that you must create a positive online reputation before you can convince people to give you their business.

Good reputation plays a major part in every company’s marketing plan, and some businesses rely solely, on their good online reputation to acquire new work. You take the online reputation away from them and their business is finished.

The population of the Earth is currently around 6.9 billion, of which around 2.2 billion (Source: Internet World Stats) have the knowledge and skills required to use the internet and have easy access to the internet. Couple this with the fact that there are currently over 600 billion active websites on the internet and you will begin to understand that there are a lot of possibilities for your reputation to be attacked somewhere on the internet.

IMAGINE a customer who came to you through a ‘word of mouth’ referral and who did a simple Google search against your company in order to find the address of your office.

Imagine now the consequences of this person viewing, as the first search result, negative or defamatory comments such as ‘scam’, ‘fraudsters’ and ‘thieves’ about you/your company or your staff. Are you likely to hear from this customer again? NOT A CHANCE.


Defamation - How we can help

But the good news is that there is help available, from us, Pinder Reaux, Internet Law Specialists.

We can help you understand how you should deal with online reputation attacks right NOW.

Watch Rupinder Bains on This Morning speaking with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield about Internet Trolling and Online Defamation. More media videos on Pinder Reaux in the News Page.

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