Conducting Business Online

In today’s age the normal way of doing business has shifted from going to the shop and buying a product; this is now considered by some to be a waste of valuable time. The current ‘normal’ way of shopping is for transactions to be conducted online.

However, with this change in method, comes a change in the law that governs this transaction. This may seem obvious to some, as shoppers are no longer walking into a shop, checking the prices of an item, speaking with a store clerk for assistance, walking to the till and paying. Instead, they are now selecting an item, clicking checkout, entering their payment details, selecting their payment method and paying. In 5 easy clicks they have done their shopping, meaning that they can sit back and wait for the postman to deliver their items.

As a retailer or provider of services online, you probably consider this way of selling to be the best thing since sliced bread. We would have to agree. However, as well as being an expeditious and cost effective way for your business to reach millions of online users, it is also plagued with legal pitfalls, which if not properly identified and safeguarded against can lead to a transaction falling apart because it does not comply with the law governing online business. The onus is on you to ensure that your website complies with the relevant law governing online transactions. It therefore follows that if your business does not comply with the relevant legal requirements, it is you who will lose out.

At Pinder Reaux, within our internet law department, we have a specialist team dedicated solely to those entrepreneurs that operate websites for their businesses, and we can advise on how to do business online and the legal implications. Our team is able to provide the following bespoke services to online entrepreneurs:

  1. Drafting and implementation of terms and conditions of trading and online terms of business;
  2. Drafting and implementing website policies and use of software and licensing policies (such as the utilisation of cookies).
  3. Drafting and implementing privacy statements, terms of use statements and acceptable content policies.
  4. Advising you on distance selling issues, including advice in respect of e-commerce compliance matters, with specific attention given to the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 and the E-Commerce Regulations 2002.
  5. Advising you on data protection compliance, including advice relating to notification under the Data Protection Act or complying with Norwich Pharmacal Orders and other third party orders requiring disclosure of user data.
  6. Advising you on the legal and acceptable use of online users details.

Our clients range from international corporations to sole traders: companies that have been around for 85 years to new innovative startups. We specialise in being able to provide these services in a bespoke manner, fashioned to each niche of your business. We do not use templates; we do not use boilerplate clauses. We are here to help you. You tell us what you, as a business want to do, and we will help you achieve it.

Please call one of our team now on 0208 252 7373 to discuss your online business requirements.

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