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Internet / Media Law

We have a specialist media law team that works hand in hand
with our internet law team in order to stay ahead of the game
in this fast paced and ever changing area of law.

A media law client of Pinder Reaux not only has round the clock access to our team of media lawyers, but given the natural cross over in the industries, has access to its team of internet lawyers. A one of a kind service is provided by Pinder Reaux as standard, and at no extra cost to our clients.

As a niche practice we take pride in providing bespoke solutions to all type of client, from individuals to large UK and internationally based corporations, in the media industry. We have acted for actors, authors, film companies, television companies as well as newspapers and rock stars.

We are able to provide diverse, structured and strategised solutions in the following areas of media law, supplementary to the cross over solutions provided by our internet law team:

  1. Privacy Law, including the provision of injunctions and breach of privacy claims.
  2. Defamation, including actions against hard copy publications such as magazines, and newspapers.
  3. Intellectual Property, including core areas of work such as internal and domestic trademarks and patent applications, passing off actions, copyright and the protection of performer’s rights.

We also offer a specific team dedicated to the prevention of harassment, both in the traditional sense and the prevention of online harassment, cyber bullying, online trolling and cyber stalking by means of obtaining global anti-harassment injunctions and actions under the Protection from Harassment Act, Malicious Communications Act, Misuse of Computer Acts and other relevant legislation. For one of our cases currently gaining media interest please click here.

We offer clear, constructive, expert and in particular, commercial advice and guidance to our clients. Call US NOW on 0208 252 7373 or if you feel that you need some time to organise your thoughts before you speak to us, ask us to call you back at the most convenient time for you and we will take it from there.

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