Family Law for Children

Regardless of their ages, the impact of
divorce on children cannot be underestimated.

Recent studies have concluded that there is no such thing as a ‘good divorce’ where children are involved. Analysis of this research concluded, what many of us already believed to be the case: children definitely suffer when their parents’ marriage breaks up – no matter how amicable the split. For children, not having the two pillars in their life readily available to them is a fact that cannot and should not be ignored.

Until very recently, it was fair to say that fathers often felt like they were on the back foot when it came to their rights for contact, and residence with their children. However, the courts are becoming more and more sensible in relation to what is considered to be ‘the best interest of the child’ and shared custody is something that you should be able to achieve, although you are going to have to fight for it a little bit.

Many parents who don’t see their children regularly have tried and tried again but have experienced so many knock backs that they eventually feel as though they have no strength left in them to keep fighting. This means that they suffer, the children suffer, everybody suffers.

Deep down and in reality, parents that want to see their children and are denied this right, never actually give up. Sometimes it takes time to recover from the last defeat but somehow they do regain their strength to commence a new battle all over again.

Every knock down makes it harder to get back up and have another go but the fact is that things are changing in respect of the attitude of the courts towards parent’s rights and we see more happy parents (and children) than ever before.

Very often we hear comments such as ‘this is my last chance’ or, ‘If this time it doesn’t work out, then I will probably have to come to terms with the fact that I will not see my kids until such time when they are no longer children, and can make up their own minds.’ Those parents will actually never give up. It is simply impossible for them to do so. The problem is not with the parents (who are in reality incapable of giving up) but with their lawyers who love so much to settle on things which, everyone apart from them, knows are not going to work. This in turn compromises the client’s needs.

To successfully claim what you have been deprived of for months and years, it’s essential to have a good deal of stamina. You must believe that this time you WILL arrive at a permanent arrangement to gain full custody/residence of the children, shared residence with your ex or to see your children as often as you wish. In fact, if you do not believe that you can achieve this, then don’t bother to read on because a lack of belief will seriously hinder your chances of changing the status quo and you will only set yourself up to fail. At Pinder Reaux, we do not want you or any of our other clients to fight a lost battle, because we know that if you fail this time, it would probably take you a few years to recover and get the strength to start it all over again and those years would be lost forever. So please contact us only if you are serious about seeing your kids. We really don’t want you to waste more time, energy and money on abortive attempts.

If you decide that you are ready now to make a final attempt to force your ex to allow you to see your children, then we suggest you don’t delay. Our children are growing up very rapidly and before we realise it they are no longer children.

Unconditional unique MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - no questions asked!

Whatever you decide to do, don’t procrastinate on this. Make a decision and act. In fact, we don’t believe that it is a coincidence that you arrived at this website in the first place and that you decided to read this far. You are most definitely the type of person who prefers to be in control of the situation, likes to have clear goals and be focused on the target. We assume that like many others in your position you have already spent good money on solicitor’s fees. We don’t want to take your money if we cannot guarantee you value, as the old adage goes, “we don’t want you throwing good money after bad”. So we offer a unique MONEY BACK GUARANTEED consultation (in person or over the phone, whichever is best for you). This means that if you are not one hundred percent satisfied with the advice that we give you, we will offer you your money back there and then, no questions asked. In fact, we know that you will find our advice practical and sensible, so even if you decided that now is not the right time for you to instruct a lawyer to deal with this issue, you will still be happy with the advice we give you.

No better time or place to book your consultation!

To book your money back guaranteed consultation, call us on 0208 252 7373 and arrange your appointment. If you prefer, or if you read this page late at night or over the weekend, you can ask us to call you back at a suitable time for you by entering your name and telephone number in the ‘call me back’ box. The cost of the consultation is £313 (inclusive of VAT) and we feel very comfortable to back it up with our unique Money Back Guarantee offer. If you are serious about seeing your children, there will be no better time and place for you to get started.

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