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Excellent legal advice

"Many thanks for your enormous help in settling this unpleasant matter. As a father of 4 young children at a private school in South London I was horrified to learn that another parent (a mother) at the school had made highly-insulting and defamatory comments about me and my children on Facebook, all due to what my 6-year old daughter had said at school to her 9-year old son. Whilst my little daughter should not have called him names, for which she was reprimanded and also she apologised, the mother's "Facebook attack" on me personally and also on my 4 little children was abhorrent and totally out of proportion, and was posted for her 300 "Facebook friends" to see which included a significant number of other parents at the school. Pinder Reaux were able to give me excellent legal advice such that, whilst the matter did not need to go to court, it helped me to a satisfactory outcome which involved a full apology by the other parent on Facebook and also an emailed apology to me copied to numerous parents at the school.

Thanks you once again,


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