Employment Law (employer perspective)

What can a good business not do without? Good staff and a good solid set of procedures. Big business is built on good loyal staff who care about the business and care about the people they work for.

The key to maintaining this and avoiding in house legal staffing concerns is to ensure that robust legal safeguards are put in place in order to secure your good staff and bind them to your business, whilst also ensuring that in the unfortunate event that issues go awry, your business is protected. Make sure that a small concern with a member of staff does not become a full blown employment claim against you and your business.

We, at Pinder Reaux specialise in acting for your business, in order to ensure that you keep the staff you want, and avoid problematic staff from becoming an unmanageable legal issue. Our clients include international companies, with multiple worldwide offices to single niche businesses with a core team of staff. We provide legal safeguards in the following areas:

  1. The drafting of robust employment contracts including non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation clauses and non-competition clauses.
  2. The drafting of staff handbooks, staff manuals, grievance and disciplinary procedures.
  3. Bonus and commission agreements.
  4. Agreements regarding the protection of your trade secrets and internal client databases.
  5. Compromise agreements and the management of any necessary redundancy procedures and disciplinary proceedings.

We are also experienced in defending businesses in the Employment Tribunal from frivolous claims brought against them for unfair constructive dismissal, discrimination and breach of contract. On the other side of the fence we act for businesses against employees who have misappropriated funds, misused trade secrets and client information, and breached their contracts.

We specialise in ensuring your business has the legal safeguards in place, meaning that you do not have to worry about legal staffing issues, thereby allowing you to concentrate on what you do best; running your business. – That’s mine!

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