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We take our clients’ troubling issues very seriously. And if you’ve got a demanding issue, which is troubling your good night’s sleep, we can provide you with practical legal advice, useful tips and straight forward help, so that you can achieve sound piece of mind.

Our consultations include up to 90 minutes with one of our fully qualified and highly experienced lawyers (in person or on the phone), a complete straight talk – no holds barred, tough but honest – totally open minded discussion, where you can have all your questions answered, about the issues that are affecting you.

Late evening telephone consultations are available on request and to ensure that you get the most out of your consultation we provide a written summary of the discussion including our advice, timescales and likely outcomes. Furthermore, we promise you a full satisfaction 100% money back guarantee on the advice that we provide to you in the consultation.

It’s all our best stuff crammed into one fully loaded package, specialist one on one advice, followed up in writing. We’re talking serious legal advice here. Up to 90 minutes of some excellent advice, in person, in one of our 2 offices (City and Essex), or over the telephone. Your choice.

Call us now and have a chat with our friendly staff and they will tell you if they think we can help you to resolve your troubling matter. They might ask you to email some documents first so that they can make sure, before arranging the consultation, that you will benefit from it.

Hundreds of people have already improved their lives by contacting us. It sometimes takes just the consultation itself, to successfully resolve what you may have thought to be a massive problem or a difficult dilemma. In fact, in many cases, the consultation is sufficient and no further action by us is needed.

Your investment in the opportunity to be relieved of your most current pressing legal issues is just £313 (inclusive of VAT), which is of course backed by our full satisfaction money back guarantee offer. So, if following the consultation you feel that you did not receive value for your money, we will refund your money in full. To book your consultation or to have an initial chat to discuss your pressing problem call us on 020 8252 7373 or ask us to call you back.

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