“I WILL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP” – A Tweet received by Stan Collymore over the weekend (warning this article contains adult material and profanity)

We have purposely kept out the most profane part of the tweet from the title – such is the shocking nature of it. 

Following his analysis of the Liverpool v Aston Villa match and following his naturally forthright analysis of Luis Suarez’s actions to win the penalty, which he considered in no uncertain terms to be a dive – Stan Collymore received serious abuse via Twitter. This was not footballing banter: the messages he received were inherently racist, calling him “a nigger” “a slave” and “a coon”. Frankly put this is criminal behaviour – it is not social media mirco blogging: it is criminal. It falls foul of a number of criminal statutes including the Protection from Harassment Act, Malicious Communications Act, the Communications Act and the Public Order Act to name but a few. Nothing Stan did warranted this racist abuse.  He simply provided a forthright analysis of a football match. He is a pundit and is paid to give his opinion. This type of behaviour cannot be condoned. It goes miles beyond human acceptability and decisive action must be taken. There is no difference between these tweets and the racist tweets about Mikaeel Kular, for which the Police have arrested two people. The Police should take at least the same action here. 

Reviewing the matter this morning, it seems that two of the accounts responsible for the racist tweets have been disabled, but alarmingly one account that of @Suarezzedd remains active and online with the user Sean2000, posting just 2 hours ago and appears to be laughing in the face of the Police, as can be seen from the below tweets:

This user is responsible for online racist abuse and must be brought to book. Stan, if the Police won’t, or are unable to locate this person behind the offending accounts, we can assure you that we at Pinder Reaux can and will help you, should you want our help. 

This is not banter. This is not football. This is a public crime.